Return to Work Assessment

What is a Return to Work Assessment?

Woman in officeThis is a medical assessment performed by our occupational health physician reviewing the mechanism of injury, history of symptoms and current treatment modalities. A physical examination is performed by the physician, and if necessary, x-rays and blood work investigations are arranged. The diagnosis is explained to the injured worker and a report outlining occupational limitations and restrictions is provided to the employer.

Reports can be forwarded to the Worker’s Compensation Board or any other insurance agency. The injured worker is welcome to request a copy of the report to be forwarded to their attending / family physician.

Every effort is made to have injured workers seen within 24 hours of the request being received by our medical centre. A preliminary report is faxed to the employer within two hours of the worker being assessed with a detailed report being forwarded one to two days later.

What is provided in a Return to Work Assessment?

  • A return to work schedule
  • Recommendations regarding further investigations and treatment
  • Details of any work modifications that may be necessary

Benefits of a Return to Work Assessment

  • Ensures the employee can perform the job safely
  • Helps employers accommodate disability
  • Assists with relapse or re-injury prevention
  • Helps ensure compliance with existing laws and regulations
  • Reduces absenteeism

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