Spirometry (Lung Test)

What is Spirometry?


illustration of lungsA Spirometry Test measures the rate of air the patient inhales and exhales to determine if the lungs are healthy.

Spirometry testing plays an important role in an occupational respiratory health surveillance program. It can assist the health professional by determining if a worker demonstrates a specific pattern of respiratory impairment and can help to assess the effectiveness of measures implemented to protect the individual worker.

Depending on the situation, a Spirometry may be included in assessments such as:

Why conduct a Spirometry Test

Workers may benefit from a Pulmonary Function Test if:
  • They are exposed to chemicals as part of their work
  • They are exposed to asbestos
  • They are exposed to dust, fumes, smoke or other irritants
  • They have experienced an injury involving trauma to the chest
  • They work in a physically demanding position
Employers benefit by:
  • Mitigating risk
  • Evaluating and maintaining the safety of the workplace

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