Pre-employment Medical Assessment

What is a pre-employment medical assessment?

Concrete mix and worker's handA pre-employment medical assessment, or pre-placement assessment, is an examination that helps employers determine the employee’s ability to perform the essential functions of the job and verifies that the employee does not pose a significant risk of harm to self and others. Any work restrictions identified are outlined on a Fit Letter.

Benefits of a pre-placement exam

  • Provides guidance to the employer about whether a candidate is physically suited for a particular job
  • Establishes the baseline health status of an employee for future comparison
  • Promotes the benefits of health maintenance to employees
  • Prevents injury and disability
  • Through the consultation, identify environmental risks in the workplace and ensure compliance with laws and policies
  • Especially beneficial for individuals/employees that will be working in safety sensitive positions

What is involved in a pre employment medical examination?

Depending on the industry and the employer’s needs, a pre-employment assessment may include:
  • Employee’s work history
  • Past occupational hazard exposure
  • Past medical history
  • Personal medical history
  • Lifestyle
  • Family history
  • Personal immunizations
  • Height and weight
  • Vision
  • Spirometry (lung) test
  • WCB certified hearing test
  • Urine test; urine drug test
  • Blood test
  • Detailed examination by our occupational health physician

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