Medical Legal Assessments

As an occupational health clinic, CORE Medical Centre has the expertise to help you and your client with Medical Legal issues, such as insurance, Workers Compensation and legal matters.

Independent Medical Assessment (IME) – Find out how we can provide a third party assessment of the patient’s medical and psychological health.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) – An FCE can find out if a patient has limitations or disabilities that affect their ability to perform work or at-home tasks.

Cost of Future Care – A Cost of Future Care assessment can help a patient prepare for his or her long-term needs.

WCB / CPP Disability Appeals – We provide independent assessments for use by lawyers, insurance companies and others in Workers Compensation or Disability claim appeals.

Treatment and Ongoing Care for Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries – If your client requires treatment and does not have a family doctor, learn about the services offered by Pacific Coast Recovery Care.

Document Review – An independent Document Review can assist in strategy, settlement, return to work and accommodation plans.

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