Independent Medical Examination (IME)


Would your client benefit from an Independent Medical Examination (IME)?

Doctor writing notesAre there physical injuries and psychological conditions suffered by your client?
Dr. G. Parhar, using his extensive experience in disability medicine, occupational medicine, general practice and family practice can provide a comprehensive Independent Medical Examination (IME) that addresses physical and psychological conditions.

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What is an Independent Medical Examination?

An IME report provides:

  • Detailed history
  • Physical examination
  • Diagnosis
  • Review of past medical, personal, social and occupational history
  • Review of additional documents such as family physician’s clinical notes, specialist’s reports, medical imaging investigations, laboratory tests and reports from other health professionals
  • Summary of treatments and prognosis
  • Detailed prognosis of medical condition
  • Impact on current and future occupational ability
  • Impact on personal, family and social functioning
  • Recommendation for future treatments, future needs and assistive devices


Who may request independent medical evaluations?

  • Lawyers
  • Insurance companies
  • Union representatives
  • Workers Compensation Board (WCB)
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