Employment Service / Workplace Health

CORE Medical Centre has the experience and expertise to assist employers with their occupational health issues, whether it’s an assessment for an individual employee, a drug and alcohol testing program or a workplace assessment. Choose from our services below:

Pre-Employment Medical Assessment – A Pre-Employment Medical Assessment can ensure that the employee has the ability to perform the tasks of the job safely.

Periodic Health Assessment – A Periodic Health Assessment can assist with maintaining employee’s health and identifying any health concerns, especially in high risk occupations or occupations where there are hazardous substances.

Exit Medical Assessment – An Exit Medical Assessment can ensure that the employer and employee are covered when the contract comes to an end, especially in occupations where their is risk of exposure to noise, chemicals or other safety concerns.

Return to Work Assessment – A Return to Work Assessment can help ensure an employee has the ability to complete the tasks of his or her position following illness or injury and give recommendations on accommodation.

Independent Medical Examination (IME) – An Independent Medical Examination provides an objective report on the employee’s injuries or conditions, which can assist employers in compensation matters.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) – The Functional Capacity Evaluation can assist you in understanding the employee’s abilities and limitations as they relate to the tasks of the position.

Spirometry (Lung Test) – A Spirometry can help monitor your employee’s lung health as part of an occupational respiratory health surveillance program or an Independent Medical Exam or other assessment.

Drug and Alcohol Test – Are you considering a Drug and Alcohol Test program in your workplace? Our protocols will ensure the integrity of your program and help your organization mitigate risk and comply with regulations.

Workplace Assessment and Advice – Do you have questions about the safety of your workplace? Are you interested in evaluating your protocols and mitigating risk for your employees and customer? Learn how a Workplace Assessment can assist your organization.

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