Driver’s Medical Exam

Have you been asked to take a Driver’s Medical Exam?

Cars seen from pedestrian overpassIn some cases ICBC will ask drivers to take an exam. Commercial drivers are required to take the exam at regular intervals. You have 45 days to complete the form, so it is important to book your appointment right away to prevent your licence from being suspended. Let us know that it is for a Driver’s Medical Exam when you book your appointment.

Once you have completed the form, RoadSafetyBC will make a decision and advise you.

What should I expect at the Driver’s Medical Exam?

A Driver’s Medical Exam is required to take into consideration both your interests and the welfare of the community. The doctor will obtain a detailed history, vision test, and blood pressure looking at not only for physical disabilities but also assessing your mental and emotional fitness to drive safely.

Not all disabilities will prevent a person from driving, and sometimes RoadSafetyBC will recommend a conditional licence with some restrictions.

Who may be asked to take a Driver’s Medical Exam?

  • Seniors 80 and over
  • People with ongoing or reported medical conditions
  • Commercial drivers

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For further information or to schedule an appointment please contact CORE Medical Centre at 604-525-8604, or email