Cost of Future Care (CFC)

Would your client benefit from a Cost of Future Care (CFC) assessment?

Empty hospital badA cost of future care report is a document that identifies the current and future needs of people who require a wide range of medical care.

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Why choose CORE Medical Centre as a Cost of Future Care assessment provider?

Our kinesiologists will complete a thorough assessment and a detailed report outlining the client’s current and future needs, as well as the associated cost of services.

Cost of future care assessments are completed following the standards outlined by the International Commission of Health Care Certification (ICHCC), and are prepared in accordance with the rules of the court.

Why request a Cost of Future Care assessment?

  • To determine costs and expenses before trial or mediation
  • To determine the future needs of the client
  • To assist with a rehabilitation or retraining plan

What does a Cost of Future Care assessment include?

  • Interviews
  • Review of medical reports
  • Review of client’s at-home life

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