Assessments for Workers

CORE Medical Centre can help you with medical exams you require for employment or insurance. See our list of Assessments for Workers below:

WCB / CPP Disability Appeals – If you have a claim before the Worker’s Compensation Board, the Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal or CPP Disability, you may require a medical exam to assist you with your claim.

Driver’s Medical Examination – Driver’s Medical Exams are required for commercial drivers, seniors over 80 and, in some cases, people with disabilities or ongoing health issues.

Marine / Seafarer’s Medical Exam – Our Medical Director, Dr. G. Parhar is a Certified Marine Medical Examiner with experience administering the Marine / Seafarer’s Medical Exam.

Longshore Medical Exam – CORE Medical Centre has experience providing Longshore Medical Exams and we understand the job characteristics and demands you will face in in the industry.

WCB Certified Hearing Test – You may be required to take a WCB Certified Hearing Test if you work in an industry where noise is considered to be an occupational hazard. CORE Medical Centre has certification to assist you with the test.


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